Business Property

Since the Building sites are assigned, you may want to talk to Dave from the Building Department to find what options you may have before submitting this form. Dave can be reached at (352) 205-6194 Monday through Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm EST.

    As soon as payment is received, you will be called by Building Department to verify your plots in the area you wanted. You do not need a PayPal Account. On the next screen, enter the amount you agreed to. Click Continue and then click Pay with Debit or Credit Card. You must make the payment to receive the certificate.
    Request to participate with the following information:
    • I accept the virtual Lunar Concept and its’ programs.
    • I understand that the program is depending on third party performance of flights, launch and landing etc. for this Moon Mission.
    • My name, address, phone number, type of business or organization.
    • I will pay $20.00 (as a donation) per parcel/plot  (Participation Permit) to the Leesburg Chamber of Commerce Foundation as directed on this website.
    • I agree that the donation for the Building Permit is non-refundable and will be used for anti-bullying programs.
    • I understand that schools &  students can participate for FREE and an individual can participate for $5.00 each submssion. Businesses can purchase property on the Virtual City of Leesburg for $20 per parcel.
    • I agree that my name can be used on my building or allow a street or park to be named after me.
    • I agree that my participation can be used to support anti-bullying and harassment programs in schools.
    • I like to discuss programs how this event can benefit my business, i.e. pictures to the moon, essays, menu cards, building designs, Hall of Fame, etc.
    • I agree to confirm how I will implement the program.
    • I agree that I have the basic understanding what the program entails.

    We welcome new ideas and hope to make these ideas become a virtual reality. Please be sure to read our Disclaimer.

    Do not be afraid to ask questions, we are the first to do this and we are entering an exciting new universe