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Honoring the Local Schools Promoting Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Programs.

Students and individuals can have a picture and story sent to the moon in 2023! Just click below!


Moon Mission #3 is scheduled for a launching date in 2023

Be The First


On The Moon!

Your business or service could be the first on the moon! Just purchase a plot of land on the Virtual City of Leesburg on the Moon! Your information will be sent to the moon in 2021!

All pictures will be reviewed by the LAKE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE (lcso.org)!

Vulcan Centaur Moon Mission

Vulcan Centaur Moon MissionThis is a better picture of the moon where the Vulcan Centaur Moon Mission rocket will land, M1 Lacus Mortis, not far from the North Pole. Close to the South Pole is an area marked by “Craters”, where the Shackleton crater is. This crater is...

Lake & Sumter Style: TAKING UP SPACE

105 S. 8TH ST., LEESBURG FL 34748 352.787.4112 INFO@LAKEANDSUMTERSTYLE.COM Mission possible: Leesburg students shooting for the moon.  Photos: Nicole Hamel Riley McDowell cannot wait to launch her science project beyond the classroom laboratory and into outer space. 

Press Release November 14, 2020

Leesburg will be build as a virtual City on the moon (Lunar City of Leesburg), with all plans / photo’s / lay-outs etc. landing next summer on the moon surface.

Ways to get on the Moon!


Students, scouts, and schools blast off for free! Add your story and photo for the certificate which is going to the Moon!


Individuals, groups, or families can send their story and photo to the Moon!


Be the first business of your kind to build on the Virtual City of Leesburg on the Moon!


Specialty Pages going to the Moon! 

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